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We Remove Trash, Junk, Appliances, and More

Hi, I'm Jim Sayer. For 30 years, I have been providing junk hauling and trash removal throughout Central PA.

Call me to schedule a pickup for:

  • Bulk trash
  • Large appliances
  • Furniture
  • Yard waste
  • Construction debris
  • Whole-house cleanouts
  • Any unwanted debris, junk, or waste

All trash is swiftly removed and responsibly disposed of at a local waste management facility. Call me directly at (717) 880-5431 for pricing.

Call me for a free estimate: (717) 880-5431

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Free Estimate

Please call me for pricing and kindly leave a message if I don’t answer.

Service Area

I serve all of York, Lancaster, Dauphin, Adams, Cumberland, and Franklin counties.

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Serving All of Central PA

I come to you!

I travel all over South Central Pennsylvania for trash removal jobs, big or small. As long as you are located within one of the 6 counties listed below, then I'm happy to provide a quote for your next pickup.

My service area includes:

  • York County
  • Lancaster County
  • Dauphin County
  • Franklin County
  • Adams County
  • Cumberland County

Does that include York City? You bet! Lancaster City? Absolutely. Harrisburg and Hershey? Yes! My customers come from all over the Susquehanna Valley. So, don't hesitate to call no matter what part of Central PA you're in.

If you're outside these counties, I may still be able to help you with certain types of cleanouts. Please give me a call at (717) 880⁠-⁠5431.

Easy, On-Demand Service

I remove the trash that your municipal hauler won't. While I do NOT do weekly trash pickups like a municipal waste hauler, I am happy to help with larger items, trash piles, and bulk trash that can't be placed at the curb.

My service is on-demand. This simply means that I do pickups whenever you need it. When you call me, I'll provide a price quote over the phone, and we'll schedule a pickup time that's convenient for you.

Again, I don't do weekly pickups like a garbage truck does. However, if you have ongoing trash removal needs (for example, for a house cleanout, renovation, etc.), I am happy to help!

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What do I remove?

Almost anything.

I help those who need to get rid of junk – fast. Here are some examples of common jobs that I help with:

Don't see your situation listed here? Don’t worry! This is only a short list of scenarios that I deal with. Be sure to give me a call at (717) 880-5431 so that we can discuss your specific needs.

**Please leave a message if I don't answer because I'm often on the road, traveling to the next pickup.

Does Your Municipal Hauler Take It?

Be sure to check with them first.

While I'm happy to remove your trash, some items may actually be okay to place at the curb. For example, some large items, such as couches, mattresses, and appliances, can be picked up by haulers for free or a small fee.

Check with your township, borough, or city managers to confirm what they take. If it's cheaper to use your local hauler, I wholeheartedly encourage you to go that route! But if they don't take it, or you don't have time to wait, call me, and we'll schedule your pickup right away.

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How much does trash removal cost?

Every job is different, which is why I recommend calling for a no-obligation estimate. When you call me, I use several factors to determine your quote, such as:

  • Amount of junk you need removed
  • Travel distance to/from the pickup location
  • Disposal costs at local waste facility (usually based on weight)

Costs can range anywhere from $75 for small local pickups to $1,000 – $3,000 for large jobs, like building cleanouts, involving multiple truckloads. But again, each situation is different, so please call me for a price.

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I ALWAYS strive to provide customers with the lowest prices possible, and I don't believe in haggling or pressuring you to make a decision. If the "price isn't right," there's no obligation to move forward.

Responsible Disposal, Every Time

This is an extremely important factor that separates me from amateur trash haulers. I responsibly dispose of every load at a certified waste management facility nearby. And I provide the dump receipts upon request so you have written proof that your items were legally dumped at the proper site.

Why does it matter? A few reasons:

For example, for trash removal in York County, I typically haul items to the York County Solid Waste Authority. For jobs in Lancaster, I use the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority and so on.

If you need more information on how these facilities process your trash, please contact those facilities directly.

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Sorry, I Do Not Make Offers on Any Items

Customers sometimes ask me if I'm interested in buying their belongings, and I have to politely decline.

I am sympathetic to those situations, especially if the items are believed to have value (whether monetary or sentimental). However, it is not my place to gauge that value, and I do not have the expertise to do so. I am a trash hauler only. I only remove junk and trash that needs to be tossed.

If you are looking to sell your stuff, I strongly recommend speaking with an experienced appraiser or auction house that can provide you with more information.

I do not sell the items I haul

Just as I don't purchase belongings, I also do not sell them.

I am in the business of junk removal only. Some customers may assume that I work with resellers to earn additional income from each job, but this is not true. When I come to pick up your trash, I transport it directly to the nearest waste-management facility.

This makes my job simpler and more straightforward, enabling me to provide customers with the quickest, most efficient service possible.

Call Me for a Trash Removal Estimate

Do you have stuff that needs to be trashed? I can help! Call me directly at (717) 880-5431 for a free, no-obligation quote.

And remember – if I don't answer, please leave a message, and I'll call you back. Thank you for your business!